DiA mini 3d printer


I want a small portable 3D printer with high quality printing results. I have Mini Fabrikator II printer, which is pretty small and light. But the quality is not good enough for me. And it’s also a bowden printer with its own flaws. So the mission is to design and build a small direct 3D printer.

I rarely design something beforehand, so going to design it partially on a fly. And here I’ll write about its progress. Enjoy!

At the end of this page, I’ll list parts I used and their sources and prices.

First sketch
Rail version sketch

First idea was to use 8mm rods. But at the same time I was curious about rails. What if I’d use a rails for it? So I went with the rail idea. As a printhead I’ve planned to use E3D’s Titan Aero extruder.

E3D Hemera


E3D released a new, smaller and hopefully better extruder Hemera. So I swapped Titan Aero to Hemera, as it’s smaller and lighter. 


2019-12-16 X-axis parts. Stepper motor holder, idler holder and bed carriage. I had a long twiddling with a stepper position and finally came with this version. Waiting for the 20 teeth pulleys and GT2 belt to arrive. After printing parts I found out that I’ve ordered wrong sized carriages. I needed MGN15C but ordered MGN15H. The difference is their length, 41mm vs 59mm. The rails are 150mm long. So 59mm carriage will move only 91mm. So ordered the C carriages, as I want to use whole 100x100mm bed.

X-axis model
X-axis printed

BOM 2019-12-17

2MGN15C 150mm rails+carriage$22.40
1MGN15H 200mm rail+carriage$11.75
1T8 Lead screw 8mm 2mm 150mm$1.72
30.9deg Nema17 stepper motor 11Ncm 1.2A 42x42x20mm$28.77
2GT2 20 teeth idler pulley, bore 3mm$1.40
2GT2 20 teeth pulley, bore 5mm$0.72
1GATES-LL-2GT GT2 timing belt 1m 6mm$5.31
11001002mm mini aluminium heatbed$8.93
1Thermistor 100K ohm NTC 3950 with cable with dupont$0.91
1BIGTREETECH TFT35 V3.0 Touch Screen WIFI$28.98
1BIGTREETECH SKR mini E3 V1.2 Control Board 32Bit With TMC2209$28.14
1E3D Hemera direct kit$142.56
112V 30A 360W Switching Power Supply$22.06
115A 250V Power switch 3pin AC power socket$1.06

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