My main camera progression

Sometimes I got question why and how did I end up with mirrorless camera. Also as an event photographer many were wondering the significant change in size of the cameras and the lenses. So here I briefly opening what main cameras I had. The reason why I’m talking about main cameras is I also have […]

Exposure triangle simulator

The biggest problem of beginner photographers is to understand how camera exposure works. By learning how shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity (ISO) work together, they can understand the results behind the photos. I created a minimalistic exposure triangle simulator to visualize an affection of these three main elements of the photography.Try it: You find it […]

Panoramic head for m4/3 camera

Few years ago I’ve planned to get some slightly good panoramic head. But the prices were not suitable for me. As my father works in a factory, where they can make everything from everything. I decided to design my own version of the panoramic head and make drawings for him. Here is the result: But […]