Headless electric ukulele

Headless electric ukulele

I’m struggling to learn to play the guitar as it is so big and impossible to take along. Yes, those are my excuses. I’ve been playing jaw harps for years and while looping with beats I’m starting to miss some melodies. But still didn’t want to touch a guitar. Somehow ukulele came to my mind. […]

Karhunkierros vaellus

Olen vaeltamassa kolmen ystävän kanssa Oulangan kansallispuiston Karhukierroksella. Näet alla olevista linkeistä vaelluksen kuvauksen ja blogipostaukset.

Slim Lora wing

My new wing project. I’ve got foam parts for two sub250g spec racing wings with 59cm wingspan. Got curious to make one as a long-range wing with submerged electronics and integrated 2S Li-Ion cells. Grabbed electronics nearby and weighted that roughly. It’s going to be light wing. As a racing wing, it has symmetric airfoil […]

OpenTX safe arm switch for naked wings

When we fly naked planes or wings, there is no smart flight controller on board, which has some safety functions. All main safety routines depend on your habit. Many of us set an Arm switch function in the radio. A typical solution for Arm switch is just overriding throttle channel by -100 value when the […]

My main camera progression

Sometimes I got question why and how did I end up with mirrorless camera. Also as an event photographer many were wondering the significant change in size of the cameras and the lenses. So here I briefly opening what main cameras I had. The reason why I’m talking about main cameras is I also have […]

Covid19 face shield

2020-04-14 Update: New version (V5). I had to raise the height of the band to 15mm, as front stripe slips over in some cases. Slot for the sheet is a lot wider, so you can insert it horizontally to cover the sides of the face. I also added a 5pcs stack model. 2020-04-12 Update: New […]

AR Nano racing wing

AR Wing Nano

I love AR Mini wing by Sonic Model. It’s a racing wing with a wingspan of 600mm. With 4S 850mAh battery it weights around 300g. But I was wondering, is it possible to make a smaller and lighter version of it. There was the same project somewhere in the internet las year. But I didn’t […]

Ikea Mallgroda filament dry box

Ikea Mallgroda filament dry box

Ikea designed new wooden storage box that is perfect for filament spool. A great solution for hiding spools in the living room environment 😉 I had to try to design a spool holder insert for it. Standard spools are 200mm in diameter, so there is good space for silica gel to keep the box dry. […]

DiA mini 3d printer

DiA mini 3d printer

Progress blog about creating a small 3d printer with rails, direct extruder and heated bed.