Ikea Mallgroda filament dry box


Ikea designed new wooden storage box that is perfect for filament spool. A great solution for hiding spools in the living room environment 😉

I had to try to design a spool holder insert for it. Standard spools are 200mm in diameter, so there is good space for silica gel to keep the box dry.

Get the files from Thingiverse.com/thing:4110017

Drill the 6mm hole at the 45mm height from the bottom. Put an insert inside and align the holes. Then turn insert counter-clockwise around 5-6 degree. You can use 6x4mm PTFE tube to connect those holes. The hole in the insert is angled at 45°.

If you can’t get desiccant’s silica gel, buy cat’s litter silica gel crystals from the grocery shop. Spread on the baking plate and bake in the oven at 100°C for two hours. Because it’s already a bit moistured to not to stick to the cat’s paws. So it doesn’t dry the air effectively without drying in the oven.
Fill the surrounded area with silica gel for extreme drying effect 🙂

The result is pretty awesome 😀 See the photos:

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