TOTP and Public key for two factor authentication


Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sites have two-factor authentication. And I also want to have it in some of my projects.

While searching the internet, I found many solutions. All of them are somehow complicated or stuffed with unnecessary features for me. I want a fast and simple solution. So I made my own.

I use Authy desktop service and mobile app for getting the OTP password.

These apps generate 6 digit TOTP (Time based one-time password) for 30 second period. Google requires at least 16 chars long public key or in other word – secret. These are the only guidelines that I need and are widely used.

So I’ve created a PHP class that creates 16 chars long public key in 4×4 chunks for easy reading and generates 6 digit password from the given public key. That it.

$tfa = new tfa();

$pubkey = $tfa->getPubKey(); // WTLA NYJL ZDOR 5OVH

$otp = $tfa->getOtp($pubkey); // 580733

Simple, isn’t it? The rest is in your hand.

Get it from Github: PHP Simple TOTP and PubKey

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