DiA universal antenna mount slot standard


After many quad frames and several thoughts in designing the frames, found that there is an annoying thing. The rear part of the frame’s top plate. Different kind of ideas with some functionality or just some stupid hole or crack.

What if there could be simple, minimalistic design, that could become a standard that everyone can use?

So here is my proposal:

Bare top plate

Simple, isn’t it?


The central slot is in the size of a SMA-plug. Holes on the side are 3mm wide and about 5mm long, so you can use M3 bolts or zip ties in them. Check the following images.

SMA plug

Actually, nowadays, mounting SMA plug this way is less recommended. As it is prone to break in crashes.

M3 bolts

Or you can use bolting solutions to it.

SMA plug

But the most proposed idea is this clip-on mount printed in 98A TPU. There is angled hole in 45 degree and the crack on the bottom side. So it can easily dressed on the antenna’s rod. Like this:


At this moment, there is two ready to print clips with 3mm and 2mm hole angled in 45degree. There is integrated supports, that is easy to cut off. They are shown in red.

Ready to print clips

There is also STL and STEP file of the base model, that is easy to modify for your own needs. Let me know 🙂

Base file

You can download all files from Thingverse:3033707

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