Candle mould 40×100 with wick lock


There’s so much unburnt candle wax left especially in Christmas time. It’s nonsense to throw them away. So why not to make new candles of them. Designed a mould for easy candle creating.

This is a candle mould makes 40mm diameter and max 100mm tall candle. Get parts from and print them in 95-98A TPU.

Pull wick through the bottom lid with some sewing thread and secure it with a tape to the bottom side. Lock the mould’s container with a ziplock. Pull wick through the container’s hole and close the bottom with a bottom lid. Pull the wick through the top lid. Set the top lid on top of the container and tighten the wick. Guide it around the locker and cut off the rest.

Melt the wax in some container in the hot water. Pour melted wax into the mould and let it cool for some time. But don’t put the rest of the wax away yet. While cooling, the wax will shrink a lot and there will be a big pit. Melt again the rest of the wax and pour it almost till the top. Now you can let it for a few hours for the wax to cool and harden.

When the wax is completely hardened, remove the ziplock and pull the candle out of the mould. Twist it and push it from the hole at the bottom. A little lesson here not to pour the wax too much till the top lid as there will be impression from the top lid’s bottom side.

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