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Flickr gallery account.
My travel blog (in Finnish).
My diary about everything.
Cream Liqueur ratings
I like cream liqueurs, so there is my ratings.
Currently building fair play meeting arrangement service for B2B events. Commercial development in progress.
Service that collect all events in Finland into one place.
During this spring I'm going to rebuild this service from scratch providing better layout and responsivity.
Finding local air pressure and altitude based on location provided.
Don't lose your friends or family. Find each other without hassle.
Exposure Triangle simulator
Visually simulate exposure settings to help learning photography.
Help youself and others! Print an ICE card and keep it in your wallet.
Dementia Assistance Card
The dementia assistance card provides a clear and concise way for someone with dementia to ask for help in shops, restaurants etc and shows the contact number of a relative or friend in the case of an emergency.
Mainly I'm against using the frameworks in my projects because of tight dependency. On one night fighting with one of them. I've got a brain fart and this is a result.
My contributions to OpenStreetMap
My designs for 3D printing

Sail boat building
Building a sail boat with my father.
Sauna refreshing
Refreshing my friend's sauna.
Case building
My friend needed a case for her Bowed Lyre. So here it is.
Propeller restauration
Propeller restauration for my friend's sail boat.