About me

Dima on the Alps

I'm a guy from Finland. Husband and a dad of 4yo girl.

I was born in Leningrad in 80s and moved to Finland in 90s, so I speak fluently Finnish and Russian.


FPV - First Person View flying

This is my main hobby I'm fully addicted to. Because it's involving and constantly developing many skills and experiences in different areas like electric engineering, aerodynamics, r&d, 3D modelling, 3D printing, industrial design and many other. In return it gives me possibility to fly. As I don't have time to practice regularly, I don't participate in racing. I fly mostly freestyle and cruising.

I build and fly quads sized from 65mm to 7" and racing wings from 40cm to 90cm.

More stuff of this hobby you can follow in my Instagram account

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3D printing technology

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Arduino microcontrollers

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Mountaineering, rock climbing

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Sailing and paddleboarding

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Dima Media

FI 2188066-8

My sideline company for videography, photography, 3D modelling and printing orders. Nowadays I'm not taking any orders, as I'm appreciating my free time with my family and my hobby. But if you desperately want me to do something little, contact me, I'll consider ;)