This is EMODIA, the most modular quad frame for FPV world at this moment. Designed by Dima 'DiAleksi' Tsvetkov for EMO Fpv Drones with huge help from FPV Finland - Finnish FPV society.

Frame is designed to fit most needs with the same parts. Arm's bumerang design got inspiration from PiroflipRC's frames. It's a wonderful idea to keep strength and arm replacebility. So we adopted this to our frame also. Mounting holes are all in 30,5mm pattern, that allows to use same holes for FC stack and arm mounting. And that makes this frame modular. Check out few examples of the combinations below.

Max propeller size:

Chose body:
Chose build:
Chose arms:
Session mount:

Parts of the selected combination:

    Total weight:

    Weight is calculated and based on 1.56g/cm3 and exact volume of the 3D model. Real weight will variate because of the cutting and carbon fiber layer tolerances.


    Emodia quad frame camera mount
    Camera mount

    Camera mount to use with 19mm wide micro fpv camera.

    Emodia quad frame Clip-on VTX antenna mount
    Clip-on VTX antenna mount

    This Clip-on mount is for universal antenna mount standard on top plate.

    Emodia quad frame sandwich spacers
    Sandwich spacers

    Spacers to use with two bottom plates on Stretched-X and True-X combinations.

    Emodia quad frame racer pod
    Racer pod

    Racer pod to use instead of the top plate.

    Emodia quad frame Pure-X pod
    Pure-X pod

    Pod for Pure-X frame by Eetu Pursiainen.
    Photo by: Tomi

    Emodia quad frame 20x20 spacer
    20x20 spacer

    Spacer for True-X and Pure-X frame combinations to use with 20x20mm stack.

    Emodia quad frame RX antenna arm mount
    RX antenna arm mount

    Universal antenna tube for mounting on the quad's arm with electric tape.

    Emodia quad frame battery grip
    Battery grip

    Battery grip for bottom plate. Print in softest tpu possible.


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    You can get full frames from here EMO Fpv Drones - Emodia frames and parts from here EMO Fpv Drones - Emodia parts.

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