I want a sub 250g quad that is capable to do the same as bigger brothers. So I started with a 3" size and True-X format. After two designs and the learning behind, the progress guided me to the third version. Two separate stack frame feels more ideal for me, but that requires a longer body. I had to get rid of true-x format and accept wide-x instead. So actually, it became an H-frame. I also implemented the 30.5mm standard on the front and rear standoff distance, universal antenna mount and Twist-lock holes on top and bottom plates. Also, big addition is a 9-12mm hole pattern for wider range 11xx-14xx motors. There are eight holes in a 20x20mm pattern on both plates. So it's possible to use two stacks or one in the centre. The holes are for M2 bolts, but the pockets are for M3 bolts. This means, that you can drill 3mm holes and have M3 bolts hidden in the pockets.

Update 22.4.2019: Do not use combined RX and VTX mount. As VTX antenna's radiation is too close to RX antenna to cause bad RSSI. Use RX front mount, that can be mounted behind a gps-mount into the first Twist-lock hole.


DiA Anticrime frame specs
  • Frame format: 150mm H-frame
  • Top plate thickness: 2.5mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 2.5mm
  • Frame weight: ~24g
  • Top plate stack mounting holes: 2x 20x20mm, for M2-M3 bolts
  • Bottom plate stack mounting holes: 2x 20x20mm, for M2-M3 bolts
  • Twist-Lock holes: 2x on the top plate and 3x on the bottom plate
  • Antenna: Universal antenna mount slot
  • Camera: Micro sized camera on TPU mounts
  • Motors: 9x12mm pattern for 11xx - 14xx motors


Emodia quad frame camera mount
Camera mount

Camera mount to use with 19mm wide micro fpv camera.

DiA Universal antenna mount
DiA Universal antenna mount (UAM)

Open source file to create mount for your need

Emodia quad frame Clip-on VTX antenna mount
Clip-on antenna mounts for DiA UAM

This Clip-on mount is for universal antenna mount standard on top plate.

VTX and RX antenna V-mount for Universal antenna mount slot
VTX and RX antenna V-mount for DiA UAM

Mount with tubes in V-shape for 868/915 soft dipole antenna

Emodia quad frame RX antenna arm mount
RX antenna arm mount

Universal antenna tube for mounting on the quad's arm with electric tape.

DiA Twist-lock mounts
DiA Twist-Lock mounts

Multipurpose locking mount for quads and everything else

BN-220 GPS mount
BN-220 GPS mount

Beitian BN-220 mount for Anticrime v3 frame

RX antenna front V-mount
RX antenna front V-mount

RX antenna mount to install into the same Twist-lock hole with GPS mount

HD Lizzard quad parts
Anticrime V3 "HD Lizzard" parts

All parts to build Lizzard style quad by M490


How to get it?

You can get it from Brickracing.com check also the other FPV stuff there!

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2019 @ Dima 'DiAleksi' Tsvetkov